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The Company, called FAZE Foreign Trade Co., was established in 1986. The scope of the main activities of the company can be outlined as follows:

  • To perform the trading of any industrial, commercial and agricultural commodities or related services by means of either manufacturing, marketing, exporting or importing them.
  • To establish all the necessary means of launching and promoting any business involved via a world-wide network of marketing and services.
  • To develope and increase the foreign trade activities in any field of business starting from an ordinary deal up to the joint contracts.
  • To investigate and make the profitable investments mainly in the fields of manufacturing, railway, energy and construction.
  • To manufacture any types of railway switches and their spare parts conforming to UIC standards including any technical services and training for any turn-key projects.
  • To manufacture novel construction and decoration materials.
  • To construct the production plants for processing the mining resources so as to be consumer products.
  • To offer the web site designs and internet-based commercial services for companies.
  • To produce and distribute the major agricultural products having a high commercial value.
  • To provide a top quality service of consulting in major business fields for any customer in form of exclusive reports, specifications, guidelines, on-line services,etc.
  • To prepare the Tender documents for any private or public bidding and to exploit the opportunities of any co-operation with the expert and leading companies in their fields.
  • To provide all the necessary information, official contacts and intermediary services for any customer willing to enter into the markets of Turkey and the new-born Turk Republics seperated from the Russia.
  • To provide any on-demand service of business for the serious foreign companies.

From the time,  the Company  was  established, up to the present,  it has been rapidly growing and expanding with a good reputation of business. The Company has 3 Local Offices,  a  Head Office  in  Istanbul,  a  Branch in Samsun,  a  Foreign Trade Office  in   Ankara,  and   5 Foreign Offices in  Malaysia, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Sudan and Georgia.

The Company offers high quality, fast, reliable, ever-growing and satisfying services for a  wide coverage of   business  fields  with  a long and  reputable experience for many years.   FAZE  is  now   planning  to expand  its  network  of  business  over  the  whole continents of the world.

FAZE Foreign Trade Co. has successfully completed and still being carrying out numerous trade works so far. A brief summary of these works can be listed as follows:

  • The several export and import business with the countries USA, Germany, U.K, Spain, Italy, Malaysia, Russian Federation, Taiwan, China, Egypt, Sudan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Uzbekistan, respectively.
  • The activities in the energy sector. In 1997, we as a Consortium with Galkon Corp. participated in the public bidding of the transfer of the electricity distribution network of TEDAS (Turkish Electricity Distribution Company) in the region of Trabzon-Gümüshane to operate for 30 years.
  • The manufacture of railway switches and spare parts needed for inter-city and urban transportation in Turkey.
  • The manufacture of superior quality and high comfort Sofabeds in Ankara.
  • The manufacture of such novel products as Turkish Marble Carpets for decorations of buildings and art constructions.
  • The production and processing of marble slabs in Ankara.
  • The manufacture of high quality home textile products in Istanbul.
  • The manufacture of high quality plastic construction materials in Samsun.
  • The construction of industrial estates so far over a total area of 35,000 m² in Istanbul.
  • The production and marketing of the agricultural products at very competitive prices from Turkey, Uzbekistan, Egypt and Sudan such as rice,sesame seeds, chickpeas, reddish beans, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, peanuts, dried apricots, apricot kernels, yellow and black raisins, black cumins, sunflower seeds.
  • The construction of the web sites of such major Turkish companies as OSTIM (Middle East Industry & Trade Centre) Investment Corp. and also the provision of internet-based commercial services for them.
  • The preperation of feasibility reports on the most profitable investment fields. The recent one was for one of our customers in the subject of the construction of a production plant for disposable baby diapers in Turkey.

FAZE proudly presents his Novel Product: Marble Carpets


Address: Çirpici Cad. 74. Sk. No:123, 34760, Zeytinburnu, ISTANBUL, TURKEY

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